Presteigne Festival of Food & Flowers

Bank Holiday Monday 7th May 

The new Presteigne Festival of Food & Flowers will see the beautiful streets in the centre of Presteigne lined with stalls hand picked to showcase the wide variety of local food and drink producers. Visitors will be able to stock up on plants for their own gardens and visit secret gardens in and out of town, many of them never usually open to the public. There will be a corner dedicated to street food, an all-day barbecue, live music and fun for the entire family with rolling programme of entertainments, talks and competitions. There will also be a brocante and art exhibition. A pop-up pub selling organic beers and wines will be open throughout the afternoon and evening. Free admission and free parking. An unmissable event organised and funded by The Presteigne Area Business Network.
Food, drink and plant stalls in the High Street and Broad Street

Street food market in St Andrew’s Church Hall Courtyard

Kitchen and garden brocante at the Assembly Rooms

Demonstrations in St Andrew’s Church Hall
Chocolate 10.30 - 11.15
Butchery 11.30 - 12.15

Tom Moggach: Unusual Edibles
Workshop for all ages 12.30 - 2.00
The Assembly Rooms

Ready Steady Cook 1.30 - 3.00 at St Andrew’s Church Hall

Open Gardens 2.00 - 5.00 in and out of town

Images of Food & Flowers: Ruth Kirkby & Alex Ramsay at No. 46 Wine Bar High Street

Floral workshop (morning) and demonstration (afternoon) at 11 High Street

Pastry Pie Competition - The Radnorshire Arms

Photography and Garden-on-a-Plate competition and exhibition at the Assembly Rooms
Prize-giving 3.30

BBQ 12.00 - 8.00
 at No.46 Wine Bar on the High Street

Full Circle organic pop-up pub with live music - afternoon and evening at 5 Broad Street


Open Gardens: Map and details - here

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for details about the day here


Presteigne Food & Flower Festival Feast - Sunday 6th May, 7.00pm

SOLD OUT but Leon has a list just in case of any cancellations 

This four-course feast at St Andrew's Church Hall will showcase the delicious flavours of Italian citrus. The dinner is a fundraiser for the first Presteigne Festival of Food and Flowers and Helena Attlee, author of bestselling book The Land Where Lemons Grow will provide a brief introduction to each course. Live music on an Italian theme will be played by Richard Gooderson and John Hymas and there will be a bar selling fine Italian wines and beer. Tickets £35 from The Salty Dog, High Street, Presteigne 267720


Connect is a business network membership organisation.

Our mission is to foster and support business in the Presteigne area. Through collaborating and skills-sharing we aim to promote Presteigne as a key destination town for locals and visitors alike.

Background and Objectives.

The organisation has been in existence for over 50 years. Our views are often expressed to local authorities, national bodies and our A.M. and M.P. The Connect is seen by Powys County Council as a valuable point of contact with the local business community. We also have close links with the local press and the tourist information office.

Our objectives include:

Providing a platform for members to air their views

Providing a united voice on local issues

Promoting the trading and visiting appeal of Presteigne

Organising regular social activities for the community & the membership

It was Connect's responsibility for the original Town Guides that has brought about the launch of the Town's website and the re-launch of the revised and complementary Town Guide and Town Trail.

Events and Functions

Each year, Connect organises the annual Llanaandras Christmas Fayre. It also runs a number of other social and fund raising events.

Connect presents an annual prize, "The Judge's Gavel" to the Vintage Sports Car Club's most promising young person, when the club visits Presteigne and the surrounding hills in October.

A recent undertaking has been to take over and run the Recycling Centre, to prevent it being closed by Powys County Council. This facility is very well used by the community and would be sorely missed if it was closed. Connect receives payments from Powys County Council based on the amount of recycling processed, and this is a valuable source of income for Connect.

Volunteers to assist with all our events are always welcome, you do not need to be a member to help!


Our current membership represents a broad spectrum of local business people, from high street retailers & local businesses to other professional people in the Presteigne and the surrounding area. We encourage all businesses to join us because the more businesses that we represent, the greater the voice of business interests in the town. Membership does not mean that you have to take an active part in every, or any, event. However the active membership does work hard but also has FUN.

We are always looking for new members and new ideas for the promotion of the town, the local area and Connect itself. Current membership cost is only £20 per annum. This amount includes updates through minutes & bulletins, general meetings, invitations to special events as well as representation to Town Council & Powys County Council.  Now, through our page on the Town website, you and your business can be part of a wider virtual community.

Welcome Pack

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Connect please click Welcome Pack. This contains an introductory letter, a synopsis of activities and events, our constitution, contact details for officers, and a membership application form.

Contact Details

CHAIR – Leon Abecassis, The Salty Dog, in the High Street, Presteigne, email Mobile 07805 727486.

VICE CHAIR - stands in for Chair when absent. Peter Mace, The Ducks Nest, in the High Street Presteigne,  email Mobile 07583 653019.

TREASURER - keeps financial records.
David  Tennant-Eyles, Boultibrooke House, Norton road, Presteigne, Powys, LD8
2EU. Email 

SECRETARY - deals with minutes, agendas, and ongoing membership.
Francesca Sandwell. Email Mobile 07561 012010.
There is a honararium of £300 per annum for this post.

PRESIDENT – chairs the AGM when the above positions are subject to reelection.
James Tennant-Eyles. Email Telephone 01544 267363.

Approved Minutes

If you want to view or download approved minutes please click as appropriate, 29th January 20187th November 20172nd October, August 21st,  August 7th,  July 31stJune 5th 2017May 8th 2017April 24th, April 10th 2017January 2017May 2016, March 2016February 2016October 2015, September 2015, August 2015, July 2015,  June 2015,  May 2015, April 2015March 2015February 2015November 2014October 2014, September 2014 August 2014,  July 2014,  June 2014

Minutes of the Connect General Meeting

29th January 2018

Radnorshire Oak Room, Radnorshire Arms

Present: Chair:  Leon Abercasis (LA) David Tennant Eyles (DTE) Eva Venny (EV) Colin Felgate (CF) Lysette Phillips (LP) James Tennant Eyles (JTE)

Minute Taker: Francesca Sandwell

Guests: Gerry McDonnell and Terry Wells

Apologies: Peter Mace (PM)

1. Minutes and actions

The minutes of the last meeting were discussed and approved.

2. Treasurers report

Current balance stands at £2,774.11

Outgoings included:

£1,247 for the Christmas light installation – however, Connect will not be paying for this in 2018

£261.55 to LA for the free parking initiative in the summer

£132.50 for Christmas trees

Money coming in:

£922.87 from the Bring Site recycling

£4.50 - Bennetts subscription paid early

3 Gerry McDonnell – recycling area

Gerry McDonnell explained that that there were 5 volunteers who helped to keep the Bring Site tidy but they needed more volunteers.

Connect members expressed concern that if they did not support the site then they could lose a valuable contribution to the community.

LA stated that he would be happy to cover Mondays.

Insurance for the volunteers at the Bring Site was discussed. JTE stated that Connect has insurance but thought this covered members and not volunteers.

Action: LA to find a copy of Powys County Council’s public liability insurance and send to Gerry McDonnell.

Action: JTE to look into the finer details of Connect’s insurance policy and inform Gerry McDonnell. 

It was decided that Connect should do something to thank the volunteers for all their hard work and the income they generated. It was agreed that Connect would organise an evening of food and drink on Monday 12th March at the Wine Bar. It was agreed that the cost would be born out of money not from the Bring Site.

Action: LA to speak to Sam at the Wine Bar about putting on a buffet.

It was agreed that a social / recruitment event should be held to raise the profile of Connect and increase the membership in the Spring. This should be separate from the AGM and would be free to attend. For example, a cheese and wine evening.

Terry Wells will publicise what the Brig Site money has been spent on in the past to help recruit more volunteers for the recycling site.

Action: JTE to send Terry Wells information about what Connect has used the Bring Site money to support.

4. Terry Wells – PACDG proposal

Terry Wells explained that PACDG had written to Connect to ask for some of the income from the Bring Site to put towards community projects. The group has produced a register of local organisations which can be viewed on the Judges Lodgings website.  The next idea is to indentify companies on the industrial estates and to create a proper sign that lists all the companies. This would help to provide information to the community and by working in partnership with Connect it could help increase membership and get more local business involved in local community projects.

Connect members agreed that this was a good idea and that they needed to approach business that were not on the High Street.

JTE indicated that Connect would need to offer something in order to get businesses on the industrial estate involved and that maybe a sign would help. However, it could be expensive and it would require ownership to help maintain it. This could be a joint project between Connect and PACDG.

LA and EV agreed that they would speak to people on the industrial estate about Connect.

5. Christmas Fair Analysis

DTE stated that the fair has almost broken even and this was a great improvement compared to the previous year when the fair lost £647. The last time the fair made a profit was in 2007.

The raffle, for example, raised £830 and would have been higher if it had been started earlier.

The road closure cost £330. LA confirmed that he had managed to negotiate with Powys County Council and that the road closure for the Food and Flower festival would cost £260.

LP indicated that she thought Jack the Jester was too expensive at £350 and that there were other performers who would be more reasonable.

LA explained that there had been some negative comments from people who came and traders including that there was not enough stalls on the high street and that people didn’t stay for long enough or spend as much money.

For example, the mulled wine stall didn’t turn up and wine and sausages only made £110 rather than £306 like the previous year.

DTE commented that the weather on the night was cold and that not enough stalls had been booked. Next year DTE will be in charge of stalls for next year.

LP indicated that the location of the grotto needed to change as Dilwyns was too narrow and people had to wait out in the cold. It was agreed that the Assembly Rooms would be a good place to hold it instead.

6. Food and Flower Festival

LA stated that the organisation of the Food and Flower festival was progressing well. A-boards were discussed. LA explained that PACDG had some available but that they would need to get some made.

It was agreed that LA could buy materials to make them

7. AGM

It was agreed that the AGM would be held on 9th April 2018 to ensure there was sufficient time to prepare the accounts. It would be held at LA’s house and previous members would be invited.


LA updated that the Food and Flower festival currently had use of 3 gazebos for the event. LA has asked David at Weobley Ash for a list of how many they needed to buy.

DTE and EV to discuss the flyers and design for the festival outside of the meeting.

9. Date and venue of next meeting

Connect General Meeting at Radnorshire Arms - 5th March 2018

AGM - 9th April 2018