Bamford, Rose Lane 320 Elected
Banks, Garry Richard 299 Elected
Baynham, Beverley Jane 672 Elected
Bennett, Rory Jones 440 Elected
Hall Shipp, Sharon 128 
Kirkby, Colin 520 Elected
Linnett, Pamela Mary 309 Elected
Owens, Trevor 452 Elected
Preece, Fiona Helen 291 
Rimington, Owen Sinclair 257 
Rogers, Nicholas Aaron 381 Elected
Taylor-Sanders, Margaret Ann 128 
Toomey, Wendy Anne 312 Elected
Veary, Lisa Joanne 221 
Williams, Mark Simon 111


Three candidates elected unopposed - Deb Edwards, Chris Ruby and John Wilding.

One vacancy for the Norton Ward. This will be filled by co-option. 

Town Council Assets and Services Consultation February 2017.
The Results!

The Town Council thanks residents so much for taking the time to respond to the consultation. The results in respect of the proposals for asset transfer demonstrated strong support in the Community and they will very much assist the Town Council in their negotiations with Powys County Council. They will also be tremendously useful in support of grant funding applications in due course.

The responses about currently provided assets and services were also mostly strongly supported. A few were less so. As it happens some of these have already had their support withdrawn in the precept for 2017/18, and the Council will consider the others in precept for 2018/19.

The Council also wants to thank the 90+ responders who went to the trouble of adding individual comments to their responses. These have been passed to all Councillors for consideration.

Click here for the results
Click here for the methodolgy
Click here to see the survey leaflet
Click here for the individual comments

Local Development Plan

The LDP, produced by Powys County Council will provide the framework for planning policy from the end of 2015 to 2026 and compilation of the LDP began in early 2011. Powys County Council released the draft deposit plan for re-consultation on 8th June, 2015. Please see the Powys website at for more information.

The Town Council has made a formal response on the plan with comments were agreed at the meeting on 15th July, 2015. Click here to view these comments.

The Town Council has also done work to inform its comments on the plan. These documents are listed below -

Housing Survey 2011

Norton Survey. Housing Development in the Village? A Village Field? click here for results, click here for background and conclusion.

Candidate Sites in Presteigne and Norton Survey Results and Town Council Response here.

Local Development Plan: Town Council Response August 2014 here.


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