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Presteigne Area Community Development Group

Presteigne Area Community Development Group


UPDATE … August 2017


CONTACT US … pacdg@icloud.com


Maggie Taylor-Sanders – Chair (01547 560813 and 07718 738742)
Involved with general day-to-day life of PACDG, and various PACDG projects, including Community Energy project and Presteigne Edibles, works closely with the Town Council, applies for grants.

Terry Wells – Secretary (01544 260258 and 07766 097600)
Produces the Community News, and noticeboards around the town, replies to email enquiries, organises events, looks after Freegle re-use facility.

Maggie James – Treasurer (01544 267109)
Co-ordinates PACDG Project Teams, involved with Community Energy project and Presteigne Edibles.

Sarah Bond
Heads the Guerrilla Gardening project team.

Margaret Galliers
Involved with Presteigne Dementia Friends and WI.

Emma Lilley
Heads the Clean and Tidy project and Presteigne Edibles.

Gerry McDonnell
Involved with Community Energy project, organises the volunteers at the Bring Site for Connect (previously Chamber of Trade), keeps an eye on the use of car parks.

James Tennant-Eyles
Ex-mayor, was the liaison between PNTC and Steering Committee, mine of information and advice, trying out how semi-retirement from community work feels. Runs Town Website, Youth Project and involved with Connect.

Ann Wake
Involved with tourism, Connect and playgroup, knows lots of useful stuff.

You’d think that we needed lots of money to be able to do anything of note in the town … well we do and we don’t.


Set up Project Teams

Our teams have been working on various activities to improve the environment for residents but also to provide extra interest for visitors:

The Guerrilla Gardeners have received donations of spare plants and have been planting up the un-loved green spaces, and some tomato plants have just gone into the shoppers’ car park beds and people will be encouraged to help themselves later in the year.

The Daffodils Group have planted up boxes in front of the Judge’s Lodging with heritage bulbs from Presteigne’s past, with notices explaining to passers-by what they are. Catherine Beale will also be speaking on the subject to the WI later in the year. You may also have noticed more daffodils in the verges this Spring, they have been planted by the group from 100s of bulbs either donated by well-wishers or paid for by PACDG

The Swift Group have been researching the making of swift boxes, and we will get the Knighton Men’s Shed Group to make some for residents to put on their house for next year’s arrivals. They also organised a local swift expert to give a talk at the Assembly Rooms about Swift Conservation. They also arranged a couple of evening town walks to swift-spot in town. Another will be held in July when they will be feeing young so we can identify where they are nesting and add more boxes to encourage more.

Presteigne Dementia Friends Presteigne group have been very active making old and young alike aware of the special needs people with dementia have around the town. They have also organised two drop-in open days at the Youth Centre for anyone who wants to know more or tap into the support they can offer.

The Community Newsletter continues to go from strength to strength; the circulation is at 337 (see separate entry for all these).

Hustings events, for both local and national elections

Presentation to Audrey
We had a lovely presentation on the High Street to celebrate Audrey Cole being in her shop for 50 years. It was a simple event to organise but it made a great difference to her and spread a warm feeling around the town. Here’s the link to the clip BBC Hereford & Worcester produced having got wind of it on local ‘jungle drums’.



As part of the remit of the Community Development Group (PACDG) we applied for and got a grant of over £2000 from the National Lottery for ‘Presteigne Area Community Involvement: Phase 1’ (note that it’s Phase 1 … there will be more!!). We asked for money to cover these 5 projects:

Community communications: 3 notice boards and Community News

Community Groups Fair

Training in how to encourage community involvement

Public consultation

Celebrating our first year

Community Communications

Notice boards

Our most recent, visible achievements have been finally managing to get a Community Noticeboard on the wall of Dilwyn’s Solicitor in the High Street, with kind permission of the building’s owners. One less untidy flyposting site.

     The latest addition to the town communications is the smart double, glass-fronted notice board for PACDG and the TC together, inside the archway outside the library.

     The first board, on the Memorial Hall car park, was donated by McColville’s, as were the removal of the fence and improvements to the entrance to the carpark. PACDG paid for the board header.

Dilwyn's board with kind permission of the building's owners.

Community News

The Community News, written by our secretary, goes out on an email list to 349 to date. Paper copies go to the Library, noticeboards, and other groups and sites around the area.

Community Groups Fair: ‘Ticked all the boxes’; Press Release, extract

60 groups as diverse as Transition Presteigne, Men’s Shed, Young Farmers, Tai-Chi, Busy-Bee Quilters, Mid-Border Arts packed into the Memorial Hall until was full to bursting. Yet still they managed to squeeze in a selection of musicians who added a tuneful note to the buzz.

      Visitors and those representing the various groups were impressed with the day: ‘Quite staggering to realise just how much does go on’. ‘I think everyone had fun and Presteigne is the stronger for it!’ ‘It ticked all the boxes, bringing everyone together for a very informative and enjoyable day.’

The PAVO ‘Skills for Participation’ training workshop

An enjoyable day was put on by PAVO for local people active in the community; all of whom were keen to find out about what helps and what hinders people participating in community work, and the benefits that can be gained from it for the individual and the community. There was representation from Whitton Community Hall, Knighton Men’s Shed, Young Farmers, Presteigne Carnival, and PACDG. Paid for by the ‘Awards for All Community Involvement Phase 1’ grant received by PACDG last year.

Public consultation

PACDG worked closely with the Town Council designing and delivering the town-wide public consultation seeking residents’ support for the Council’s negotiations with Powys County Council over assets and services in the town, some of which are under threat. An overwhelming display of support for this was received and the Council is now pressing ahead.


Community Action Plan (CAP) Review

We will soon be revisiting the CAP in conjunction with volunteers from the TC, CoT, PNCS, etc. to check the ongoing relevance of this document to the town with special regard to the changes to assets and services, among other things. When it was created PCC stressed that it was a ‘live’ document to be developed and pruned as the need arises.

Presentation to the Town Council

We will be making a presentation to the Town Council at their meeting in August (20th at 7pm) seeking their support for a town-wide project to cover all aspects of life in Presteigne for making the town as sustainable as possible for the long-term future.


See Community News 52 below for a summary of the event.

Launch of more projects

Once the CAP has been updated PACDG will consult about the next round of projects to be launched. These will form the basis of the next big grant application.


Email pacdg@icloud.com

PROJECTS (follow links to poster)

Presteign Dementia Friends

Green & Clean In and Around Presteigne

Green & Community Energy: Producing and saving

Playgrounds: “We’ll just stick them in front of the TV shall we?”

Community Re-cycling and Up-cycling

Tourism: Promoting Presteigne area

Community Groups Fair - 12th November

Current version of the Action Plan

To view the current version of the Action Plan click here

Local Bus Information

To view bus information click here

Register of Community Organisations

We have prepared a list of all community organisations we are aware of, click here to view the list.

If you are a community organisation and not on the list please contact pacdgd@icloud.com and we will include you in the next update.

Past Community Newsletters. 

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Community News

Issue 82 - July 2018

an information service from PAC - the Presteigne Area Community Development Group


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What a weekend - the annual wheelbarrow revisited and a brilliant Carnival - thanks to everyone who gave so much time and effort to put on both events for the Town - you’re all stars !!


PAC has prepared a Register of Local Meeting Venues for those wanting to find a venue for their meeting, club night or event. You can view this now at the Library and at the TIC in the Judge’s Lodging, and on the Town website www.presteigne.org.uk under ‘Local Organisations’. Please email us if you’d like to be on that Register but haven’t yet been contacted by PAC. The latest Register of Local Organisations can also be viewed on the Town website, and at the Library and TIC, so if you’re looking for contact details for a local club or society or community organisation, this is where to go (or email pacdg@icloud.com and we’ll send you a copy of the Registers).


After residents raised concerns about the speed of traffic travelling through the Village of Norton,  Dyfed-Powys Police are willing to work along side residents to form a Norton Community Speed Watch group. If you are interested to take art, please contact Deb Edwards for forms & details of how to join - 01544 260074


Confused about your recycling? - check out the information on the County Council website -

http://www.powys.gov.uk/…/what-do-i-do-with-my-recycling-a…/. Leaflets are also being sent to the Library. Households in Powys are being encouraged to put their recycling containers & food caddy out every week for collection instead of only putting them out on the weeks when they are full.

Powys County Council’s Recycling and Waste Team want households to take advantage of the weekly kerbside recycling and food waste collection service by putting their containers out every week on their collection day.

One of the advantages for households is that it is easier to move containers if they are lighter, especially the paper/card and glass containers. Putting the containers out weekly will also help the council ensure that its collection routes are as efficient as possible as the quantities of material collected from the kerbside each week will be more consistent. Cllr Phyl Davies, Cabinet Member for Recycling and Waste, said: “We understand why households might only put their recycling boxes out for collection when they are full but there is no need to do this with our weekly collections.  Regularly using the service not only prevents materials building up at home, but also makes it easier for our collection lorries to complete their rounds by balancing out the material collected every week. “So even if you only have a couple of glass jars, a couple of food items or few sheets of paper and card, please put your containers out for collection every week.”


The Warden Guardians would like to thank everyone for supporting our Fundraiser, we can’t get over the generous donations, which are still coming in. We raised £600 towards the re-building of the wall and pillar which moved when the old conker tree was fallen. Recently, we’ve had a lot of tree surgery work as well, so please help yourselves to wood stacked in and around the Warden. There is also a lot of mulch, but it’s rather very fresh at moment. Thank you again for the ongoing support for our wonderful Warden. Regards Heather


Residents on Rockbridge Park would like to thank those who supported our Macmillan tea party on Sat 7th July. The best so far raising £1450.64 - thank you everybody for supporting this deserving charity!


Powys Befrienders Craft Club have ceased and a independent club has been formed  by the members - Presteigne Crafty Ladies Club for the over fifties,  they meet every Thursday at 2.00 pm to 4.00pm at the Methodist Chapel,  £2.00 per session.  All crafts and socialising over tea, coffee and biscuits. Everyone welcome.  Contact Gill Edwards tel: 01544 267912 or Glenys Roberts tel: 01544 267667.


The Judge's Lodging is a charity which has no public funding so we always need volunteers to help with elements of the day to day running of this fantastic building at the heart of Presteigne.

If you would like to help us welcome visitors, keep the house working, tidy and clean or join our gardening team, you can give as many or as few hours as you like - please get in touch at volunteering@judgeslodging.org.uk. We'd love to hear from you! We are open Tuesday - Sunday and you can volunteer on any of these days. If you would like to volunteer we can arrange days and times to suit you, depending on the role you wish to volunteer for. Contact - Sue Knox, Volunteer Coordinator volunteering@judgeslodging.org.uk  07506 884735


Presteigne Festival takes place from August 23rd to 28th. Ticket sales are hitting new records this year, and The Times has named it as one of the top ten UK classical music festivals – but there’s a lot more to enjoy beside the music e.g. film, literature, art, theatre and open studios

The programme has a strong northern flavour, with music by Pärt, Vasks, Grieg and Sibelius alongside that of Schubert, Bach and Beethoven, Huw Watkins and James MacMillan. Ian Marchant will mark 50 years since the ‘revolutionary’ year of 1968. Peter Lord, author of The Tradition:  A New History of Welsh Art, will introduce twelve iconic pictures that sum up Welsh visual culture since the mid-15th century, and Notional Theatre presents Well Thumbed, mischievous stand-up literature that squeezes the work of 70 great writers into an hour. Returning to the northern theme, a mini-film season, chosen and introduced by Tony Lawson, features Wild Strawberries, Festen and Pelle the Conqueror, all with a mid-evening start time at the Assembly Rooms, and a bar. To see the full programme and to book, go to www.presteignefestival.com, phone 01544 267800 or drop into the Assembly Rooms Box Office open 11am – 2pm until Aug 18th, then daily 10am – 5pm from Aug 20th to 28th.


Got excess stuff you don't need or need things you don't have? ....join Presteigne Freegle, your local free re-use group of over 2,600 like-minded people living in the area around Presteigne/Knighton/Kington. You'll be amazed at the wonderful (and weird!) things you can give away and get in your local area - everything from rubble to radios, pig arks to pet carriers , cookers to cot beds, table tennis tables to tow hitches... the 20 most popular items listed on #Freegle are the essentials of life ! See our Facebook page and sign-up at  https://www.ilovefreegle.org or download the Freegle mobile app for your tablet or phone to give away unwanted things and find things you need - and all for free! When stuff can no longer be used for its intended purpose, please don't throw it in the bin, give it away so it can be re-purposed into something new and wonderful....#WasteNot #ChooseToReuse. There are more than 400 Freegle UK communities helping to keep good stuff out of the bin, skip or tip! Join Presteigne Freegle now - you don’t know what you’re missing !


On Tuesday 24th July at The Duke’s Arms, Swamp Candy are back - catch this wild and talented band one last time. Raw ‘n rockin’ whiskey-soaked music with guest vocalist. 8.30pm £5 entry 01544 267 318


If you have any questions on what's happening - or not happening - in our community, do let us know and we'll do our best to provide an answer, or at least point you in the right direction - simply email pacdg@icloud.com. We're happy to help publicise community and charity activities and events (but only for events in the immediate Presteigne area) - mail pacdg@icloud.com. Feel free to tweet or forward this to others. If you would prefer not to receive further issues of the News, please email us with REMOVE and we'll immediately take you off the the distribution list